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Robots planned
Each robot will be developed for a specific use (for an end-user customer) and will be built based on a common propulsion base (the existing BR prototype).
Therefore the propulsion base is designed to be of variable geometry (overall dimensions, wheel distance, wheel diameter and number of wheels).
In a first phase, 6 robots will be developed from this common base:
- U-BASE platform
- Room-Service Robot / Hotel version
- Room-Service Robot / Home version
- Mobile-Bar Robot
-"Maître d’hôtel" robot designed for upscale restaurants
- Delivery Robot for offices

For reasons of confidentiality, the robots planned for the luxury market are not fully specified here: contact me for more complete information about them.

U-BASE platform
This is the first application to be developed because the currently existing prototype is close to this platform. Targeting the market of private and public laboratories (but also universities, research facilities,
developing companies), this open and modular platform will allow scientists and engineers to develop their own applications without having to worry about the aspects of mechanics / motor / power/ trajectory. They will thus have access "off-the-shelf" to an operational and well-tested base requiring only the addition of an intelligence module.
- Generic platform equipped with the basic features: propulsion, steering, dock-station and battery charge
- The base is controlled either by radio or by an RS-485 serial link
- Simple commands for robotic movements
- A technical space completely free of components (except pre-mounted options) is dedicated to client needs, allowing the client to add sensors, dedicated equipment, development equipment, tools, measurement system, etc.
- Easy mounting of client's sensors and equipment (such as on Rexroth rails)
- Interchangeable wheel types (to be adapted to the characteristicsof the floor surface)
- Libraries / API / DLL to be used by the client’s high level software

Options available for U-BASE:
- Docking station (automatic return and battery charge)
- Robot stabilization by linear actuators when stopped
- Integrated rugged PC
- Integrated rugged Wifi card
- Module for remote (radio) emergency stop fordevelopment

Room-Service Robot / Hotel version
To be developed for upscale hotels around the world, this robot will have the same function as a room-service employee who delivers meals ordered by a client.
This robot will be equipped with a refrigerated drawer, dish-warmer and all required accessories (plates, cutlery).
The room-service robot brings the following advantages compared to a person who would bring a meal on a classic room-service trolley:
- The dishes are kept warm and the client can take his meal at his leisure.
- A refrigerated drawer holds classic fresh products (butter, cream, milk, yogurt) in addition to the cold products ordered by the customer, if any.
- The customer can be served in the room in all privacy without requiring the intrusion of a hotel employee.
- A customer’s order could be scheduled in advance and served in his room prior to arrival.

Once the customer has finished consuming his meal, he can press the "Go back" button and the robot will return to the hotel kitchen.
This robot can be linked with others of its kind, to be used simultaneously to serve a larger quantity of people or independently to deliver multiple customers.
This robot will have the ability to open doors and take the elevator.

Upscale hotels around the world seek to differentiate themselves from the competition; this product could provide them with 2 major advancements:
- Faster, more reliable and completely confidential customer service
- Novel, original service enhancing their image

Room-Service Robot / Home version
The home version of the hotel room-service robot is targeted to the luxury home market, including villas, apartments and yachts.
This robot will be designed with an upper tray allowing it to carry out multiple tasks, for example: setting the table, table service, clearing the table after the meal, etc.
In everyday use, this robot will bring to guests everything they might need (for example, for a dinner outside on the terrace).
This robot can be equipped with 2 types of hardware: HOT (microwave drawer or dish-warmer) / COLD (refrigerated drawer with ice-cube-making capability).
It will also be pre-equipped with all necessary tools for preparing a meal: cutting board, self-sharpeningknives, rechargeable electric corkscrew, utensils, spice rack, garbage tray, etc.
This robot will be able to move noiselessly, even with all its equipment on board.
This robot may occupy a central position in the kitchen and its equipment may be used even when it is charging at its docking station.
In order to increase the service capacity as well as to impress guests, several of these robots can be used simultaneously, operating in a coordinated manner (following each other closely at high speeds).
They can also be programmed to arrive at destination with some staging moves, increasing visual impact (such as in a short choreography, for example, arriving according to a perfectly orchestrated alignment).
If purchased in multiple quantities, this robot can be programmed for independent use (for example, one used as a room-service robot and another as a bar-robot).

Mobile-Bar Robot
This product targets the luxury market (villas, apartments, yachts), but also executive-level businesses and offices.
This robot is equipped with the same features as the room-service robot but is equipped as a bar, including:
- Refrigerated drawer with ice-making capability
- Bottle compartment
- Appetizer tray
- Implements necessary to serve drinks
The robot will be equipped with an upper tray designed to hold fancy glasses and carafes.
It will be able to move silently without any bottle or glass shaking.

"Maitre d’hôtel" Robot
Designed for upscale restaurants and especially as a “Maître-D”  trolley, this robot will enable restaurants to increase their brand image and stand out from the competition.
Inspired from the classic trolley used by "maître d'hôtel” in renowned restaurants, the trolley-robot is used for flambéeing crêpes, presenting desserts and cheeses, cutting and serving fish or meat.
This service robot will be a larger version of the room-service robot.

The robot is programmed to follow 6 feet behind the Server, receiving signals from an IR emitter attached to the Server’s belt.
In fact, there are 4 transmitters attached to the four cardinal points of the Server’s belt. When the Server is turning (thus presenting another transmitter to the robot), the robot approaches and stops. At that time the robot can be pushed to change its location or orientation. A push button on the robot enables the Server to put the robot into "following mode" once again; the Server can then move away towards another table, always followed by the robot.
This version will have a strong marketing impact on the restaurant's clientèle. Potential customers may want to purchase the home version.


Of course, all these specifications represent a first version which will be extended, modified and/or finalized by the member in charge of the U-BASE development project, according to the specifications provided by the marketing department (MM&Co).