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Profile of Bernard FROMENT, Instigator of the MOSAIC Project

My training and my professional background predisposed me to this kind of development which required skills in electronic, mechanical, real-time computing and electrical engineering.
So 2 years ago I started a project which aims to develop wheeling and autonomous service robots.
After establishing rigorous but realistically specifications, I decided to focus on the first step, the propulsion and energy part : a 3 wheel non-holonomic base.
I work with all the rigor imposed by this kind of design, as I have always done in my career when I was working on high-tech products for military or spatial sectors.
I called "Blaze Robot" this robotic platform and it was developed to be modular, powerful, fast, silent, solid and reliable. Two linear actuators, fast and silent, slightly raise the robot during its stop, so that it remains perfectly stable for the work it will have to do once stopped.
Another characteristic of this robotic base is the ability of anyone to moved it with hand (freely pushed). This allows an operator to manually move the robot to a new location. But the real purpose of this capability is the acquisition of a path by "Learning". One of the methods to specify a destination for the future service robot it will become.
Throughout the design phase, the noise generated remained one of my obsessions. Can you imagine a service robot designed for the luxury market as loud as a coffee grinder?
All noise sources have been removed (or reduced):
- No fans (except in case of exceptional overheating)
- Motors and linear actuators mounted on anti-vibration plots (to counter structural noise)
- Sound protection hood (to counter airflow noise)
- Direct transmission (no gears)
- Electronic switching modules selected to be outside the human audible spectrum
- Low noise linear actuator (normally dedicated for medical use)

The design itself is industrial and modular because I target reliability.
All physically trajectories are implemented: translation, rotation, clothoid curve, anticlothoid curve, starting with accelerating curve, emergency stop, instantaneous changing of trajectory for obstacle avoidance without stopping the robot.
The robot is programmed via simple commands setting a trajectory, a speed-profile and a strenght-profile.

In order to speed up the advancement of the project, I have launched this collaborative effort called MOSAIC.
I think it is a good way to develop a complex machine like a ROBOT. Collaboration allows participants to work on a
large-scale project with low personal financial investment while enjoying an exciting adventure.

Who am I?
I just turned 50, and I live in Corsica (France)
I am an engineer graduated from a French High School and I enjoyed a career that has allowed me to practice in many technical areas:
- Electronic hardware design
- Real-time development
- Measurements (shocks and vibrations)
- Signal acquisition and processing
- Manufacture of technical products

Also many non-technical areas:
- Corporate Management
- Technical staff Management
- Marketing
- Distribution
- Export

As well as teaching:
- Lecturer on "Signal processing"

- Lecturer on "Digital regulated systems and Automation"

I am a precise, rigorous and highly organized person who appreciates a job well done.

Main Diplomas
- Engineer ESE (Supelec Paris) option "Operating System"
- Master in electronics (BAC + 4)
- BTS in electrotechnics (BAC + 2)
- Qualification in Marketing and International Business

My Areas of Expertise
- Real-time Systems
- Complete design of electronic cards (digital and analog)
- Work Organization


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Bernard FROMENT, instigator of the MOSAIC project

"Today the robotic market is booming, great progress is being made in the field and upcoming developments are very interesting. While one laboratory announces that the robot it has developed is able to experience emotions, another lab announces that the robot it has developed is able to learn by itself as a child can. But what can the general population see from these developments in a concrete manner? Not much so far. I think everyone is going too fast, wanting to realize the dream too quickly. I believe there's a huge potential and marketplace for more practical and useful robots and my goal in the near future will be for the MOSAIC project to fill a part of this demand.
This project is only the beginning and I'm sure that the benefits of collaboration can lead much further.
Once more extensive experience in robotics has been acquired by the team, other robots for other markets will be developed.