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Criteria to be Fulfilled by Each Member
- Highly motivated and with strong collaborative spirit
- Must purchase a robot-prototype at cost price (approx. 4000EUR)
- Able to invest 15 000EUR over 2 years (including the purchase price of the prototype robot)
- Able to participate in a team meeting 2-3 times per year (minimum) in a European city (mandatory for all)
- Development rules imposed and common to all (OS, development language , documentation format , etc)
- Language: English required (communications, meetings, documentation, development)
- The MOSAIC project is a worldwide project open to all with the restriction that the meetings take place in Europe
- Adoption of an agreement specifying the rules governing the collaboration between members (see members Agreement menu)
- Adoption of an Agreement specifying the governing the technical design (see below)


In order to achieve a consistent product, the technical rules of development must be respected by each member

Main Technical Rules to Observe
- Common embedded real-time OS (NYD: Not Yet Defined)
- Common programming embedded languages (NYD)
- Common format for the generated documentation (NYD)
- English language for everything (deep documentation, comments and labels programs, ...)
- Software to be developed: clear, commented, structured and documented
- Software to be developed: stable and reliable (tested / no side effects)
- Complete tests to carry out (development of efficient testing tools) and validation before moving on to the next development stage
- Modular design (hard, soft and mechanical)
- Maximum of self-designed hardware (non-dependence)

Regular meetings are an important part of the MOSAIC project. They will ensure consistency for the collaborative team but also for the work itself.
These meetings are organized 2-3 times per year (minimum) in a European city.
Duration: approximately 3 days, depending on the amount of work to do
Regular meetings are mandatory for all: they must be managed as a priority when scheduling work time
Meeting objectives:
- Present the progress of each Member toward reaching the project goals
- Perform pre-integration between the work done by the members
- Solve problems, overcome barriers that may arise
- Make decisions (informal or through a vote)
- Exchange / share / discuss / contribute ideas
- Helping each other on specific topics (developing cross-competencies)
Of course, apart from these mandatory meetings, members maymeet at will, or even work together if they wish or need to.

To minimize costs, these meetings could be organized (by each member in turn) in inexpensive venues (country inns, etc.)