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This page describes the main points of the agreement that will be adopted by each member of the MOSAIC project.
A more complete document exists and can be provided on request (containing the same points but more detailed).
An agreement, even if it is not comprehensive, may help resolve any issues that may crop up.
An agreement also clearly sets out the general spirit of the partnership.
My experience tells me that it is better to plan ahead rather than to try to resolve issues later.

Agreement between the Members (key points)
- The important decisions are taken by a majority vote of the collaborative group.
- Each member is free to make his choices and to establish his organization in order to achieve his goal: teamwork, participative work (Open Source), outsourcing, etc.
- Each member is responsible for all costs associated with his department (hardware, software, tools, travel, fees, etc.).
- Each member has the status of unpaid voluntary for the MOSAIC Association.
- The exclusion of a member is submitted to the majority vote by the collaborative group.
- When a member is excluded by the group his robot prototype is purchased at 80% of its initial value.
- Possible causes of exclusion include:
* Lack of competency to achieve the objectives
* Planned Financial investments unrealized
* Work accomplished was not in compliance with technical rules set out by the group
* Work unreliable, poorly documented, amateurish
* Non-compliance with member's Agreement
* Major technical (or other) dissention within the collaborative team
* Lack of collaborative spirit (not present at meetings, etc.)

- It is possible to create a new department at any time, by submission to a majority vote.
- Each member must not exceed the specified investment (15 000 EUR for 2 years).
- Exceeding the specified investment is possible but must be submitted to a majority vote.
- If a member needs to invest more than the investment threshold specified, then either all members finance the excess equally (if accepted by the majority) or the member himself will finance this additional cost (but in that case, his company's shares will be modified accordingly).
- Each member is free to leave the MOSAIC project at any time: time and investment will be lost for that Member.
- The intellectual property of the work of each member is his own until the foundation of the company (no sharing of source information to other members)
- When robots are considered operational, a company will be established for their manufacture and distribution.

Establishment of a Company and Portion of Shares Held by Each Member
At the end of the MOSAIC design and development project, when it is decided that the products are ready, or at any time the members decide to proceed, a European company will be founded. This company’s principal objective is to manufacture, sell and provide maintenance for the robots it has designed, but it will also pursue its R&D activities. The main characteristics of this company will be:
- Established in Europe in the country best suited for its establishment.
- Shares held by each member will be as defined at the beginning of the MOSAIC project (or modified by decisions voted by all).
- At the moment of establishment, each member contributes his work and loses his intellectual property of the work he accomplished.
- Each member can decide to work or not in this company.
- The company's share distribution, as defined at the beginning of the MOSAIC project (when the Agreement was entered into and a department chosen by each member) can change during the collaborative development for various reasons. All are submitted to a majority vote of the collaborative group:
* Suppression or creation of a Department: In this case, a new division is made proportionally to the share currently held by each member
*On request of a member (workload or financial investment greater than expected)
* Any other valid reason.

Role and Prerogatives of Bernard FROMENT, Project Instigator
- Project Coordinator responsible for centralizing and redistributing information.
- Holds a slightly above-average portion of the Company shares (see table below).
- Vote counts for 2 voices during decisions taken by majority vote of the collaborative group.
- Voice is decisive in case of parity vote.
- Holds the right to view and examine (but not to copy) the sources, plans and, generally speaking, any document (technical documentation, invoices) owned and generated by all and any member.
- Has the right to choose another person who will replace him in his role (but not his prerogatives) in case of failure.

Planned Investment and Distribution of Shares in the Initial Company
This table provides information on the principal investments required for each department and the initial portion that is granted from the company's shares.
In all cases, the maximum investment for each member is 15,000 EUR over the next 2 years (including the purchase of the basic robot prototype and meeting costs).
The robot prototype, PC104 card, wifi card are purchased at cost. This price can be estimated at 4,000 EUR
Another important financial element for each member is the cost of the meetings (travel, hosting, fees). The group could save money in this regard if the meetings are organized in inexpensive places (see "criteria" menu).
The EADS department is a more cost-intensive department because it is responsible for aesthetic aspects, the shape and accessories forall robots.

Department Principal investments planned Proportion of Company shares granted

- Robot prototype + PC104 Card + wifi
- Development of hardware circuit boards (PCB + components)
- Test equipment and endurance / resistance testing)
- Compilers and software development (U-BASE objective)
- Modules designed for U-BASE
- Travel, hotel and fees for meetings

GRAND CENTRAL - Robot prototype + PC104 Card + wifi
- Embedded RTOS
- Remote Hardware Design
- Safety sensors and their integration
- Inter-robot radio communication
- Speech card
- HMIs (Human to Machine Interfaces)
- Travel, hotel and fees for meetings
LMAD - Robot prototype + PC104 Card + wifi
- LIDAR or stereo vision camera
- Sensors for docking and their integration
- Travel, hotel and fees for meetings
NE-SOFT - Robot prototype + PC104 Card + wifi
- External supports (tablet, etc)
- Compilers and software development
- Travel, hotel and fees for meetings
MECHA - Robot prototype (partial: only parts needed for new prototype)
- LiFePO4 battery and charger
- Machining of new mechanical parts
- Wheels
- Complete design of docking-station
- Travel, hotel and fees for meetings
EADS - Robot prototype + PC104 Card + wifi
- Specific equipment for developed robots (important investment)
- Travel, hotel and fees for meetings
MM&Co - Communications
- Travel and associated fees
- Printing costs (brochure, etc)
- Telephone
- Magazine subscriptions
- Travel, hotel and fees for meetings