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Before contacting us (for more information), please ensure you have read all the pages of this website.
The different menus provide basic information relating to:
- HOME: Objective and main philosophy of the MOSAIC project
- Criteria and Rules: Criteria to be fulfilled by each member, technical rules to be followed and objective of the meetings
- Existing prototype: Describes the existing prototype robot I have developed and its stage of development
- Agreement: Main points of the agreement that each member must adopt and comply with (this will also have an impact on the company that will be established at the end of the MOSAIC development project).
- Departments: Describes the different development areas of the project.
- Profile: Short description and background of the project’s instigator.
- Robots to be developed: Basic information about the various robots to be developed by the members of the MOSAIC team.
Please note that the last menu, for obvious reasons of confidentiality, DOES NOT provide a complete description of the robots to be developed.

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