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MOSAIC is a collaborative project with the objective of designing and developing various MOBILE ROBOTS of industrial quality
targeted to high-end markets (industrial markets and most especially luxury markets)


Main Objectives
The MOSAIC project aims to design 5 wheeled autonomous robots for service:
- Room-Service Robot / Hotel version
- Room-Service Robot / Home version
- Mobile-Bar Robot
- "Maitre d’hôtel" Robot designed for upscale restaurants
- Delivery Robot for offices

The projected robots feature 5 major selling points: refined design, rugged conception, silent motion, dynamic obstacle avoidance and the ability to work as a team.
The starting point of the MOSAIC project is an existing robot prototype named the BR robot.

Who can Participate in this Project ?
The project is open to anyone able to provide something to MOSAIC team because of its competence or motivation, whatever his age or his country:
- A person who works, even if he can devote only few time to the project,
- A recent graduate who wants to create a business within a team,
- A retiree who wants to put his experience to this project and works with small constraints,
- A business executive who wants to start an entrepreneurial experience in this promising market but who not wants to invest heavily
- A company wishing to participate in the project in order to diversify its sectors,
- A group of people geographically close, working together
- An investor
- Etc.

The financial investment of each member, except time spent which is not counted: The estimated budget is 15 000 EUR for 2 years and for each department (purchase cost of the robot prototype and meeting fees included).
This is a small investment in relation to the expected outcome and even less if we compare this amount to the cost of a complete entreneurship.
On the other hand a group of people geographically close can support a full department and reduce individual costs.
And also, some tasks of the project require very light investment.


The project is organized around 7 main departments corresponding to 7 knowledge and skill sets :
- Propulsion (electronics and motors)
- Real-Time kernel (RT systems)
- Mechanics
- Localization and Mapping (RT systems / mathematics)
- Design
- External software (general software development)
- Marketing and communications
If your skill fits one of these domains you could become a partipant in this project.


Last website update : 2013-04-01

Existing BR robot prototype

Video on the trajectory capabilities and the silent motion of BR robot

Purpose of the MOSAIC project
The MOSAIC project aims to develop several different robots based on the same common propulsion base (which has already been designed and built).
The main specifications for the robots to be designed are:
- Industrial design to minimize failure rate
- Modular design to ensure easy maintenance
- Silent motion and operation to give the impression that the robot is “gliding on air”
- Robot speed 1 meter per second (3 feet per second).
- Robot acceleration 1m/s2.
- Dynamic avoidance of obstacles (without interrupting forward  motion)
- Capable of moving safely, securely and of changing directions and trajectory in a complex environment
- Powerful enough to support a heavy application load (maximum 100Kg)
- Concept 1 of "team of robots": a group of multiple robots communicating and working together (synchronized mode)
- Concept 2 of "team of robots": multiple robots are able to work separately within the same space (unsynchronized mode)
- Indoor / outdoor, but requiring a stable floor surface
- Dimensions compatible to motion through constricted interior spaces (corridor, doorway)
- High-tech product quality: Modern and refined design with a rugged feeling
- Automatic return to docking-station: Fast battery charging within 2 hours
- Several hours of autonomy
- Very stable when stationary (linear actuators), providing a stable work surface when immobilized
- Many ways to communicate and interact with its environment
- Path defined by "Learning", specified by mapping or self-defined
- Reliable Embedded Software (minimizing bugs through exhaustive testing).

Personal Goals of the Members
- Enjoy working on an exciting project
- Work at home, self-organizing his own work to reach the project goals
- Work with minimal constraints
- Great freedom to create and innovate
- Share and exchange with other members of the the collaborative group
- Access to a major project that would be impossible to do alone
- Achieve a concrete professional project , with possible financial rewards

Financial Objectives for Members
- This project could be executed using a small-scale financial investment with the same results as a costly design project undertaken by an R&D team working in a company
- At the end of the MOSAIC project, an European company will be established to manufacture and distribute the robots.

(*) The same work done by a R&D team in a company would cost about 10 times more. In other words, if the total investment by the collaborative team for 2 years is 100,000EUR, the real value of the robot will be approximately 1,000,000 EUR (gain on wages, payroll, structure, indirect costs, etc).

How the Collaborative Work is Organized
- One or more objectives are set for each member in his department.
- Each member of the project acquires a robot-prototype unit (BR robot) and then works from home (or from its own company) scheduling his time and freedom to achieve his goal.
- The collaboration between members is governed by an Agreement. This Agreement, individually approved by each member, defines the operating rules of the collaborative project.
- Members meet regularly on average three times a year.
- The project is open to anyone meeting the requested criteria (mainly who can self-finance his department and has time and competence to achieve his goals).
- The MOSAIC project is not limited to what is described in this website: Any improvement or any other area related to robotics can be added (holonomic base, vision, arm, other specific robot, etc).
- The project is open to any person with a valid idea, or a new concept that can fit into the general purpose and the existing scope of the project.

Framework and Statutes
An Association has been established to provide a minimum legal framework for the first phase of the MOSAIC project. Members have the status of unpaid volunteer for this Association. It is important to note that this association serves as a support for the project and will have no employees and no organized structure. The role of this association is also to be a support for fundraising (grants for example) to finance the manufacturing company that will be founded later (or to make a major purchase, if required, during the development phases)

Timing and Deadlines
In the interests of a serene work schedule, planned development time" for the MOSAIC project is not formally established; therefore each Member organizes his time working as he wishes.
The quality of work will always be preferred to the speed of work.

Members must choose a department (or subtasks of a department), obviously depending on their skills, but also according to the time they have available to achieve the established goal within two years (for a complete, tested and fully operational robot).

Main Phases of the MOSAIC Project
1 –The first phase is the establishment of a core of 5 to 12 members who fulfil the required criteria and who agree the MOSAIC project Agreement. Each member agrees to support a development direction (a department) according to his skill set and time they have available.
2 - Once the core group has been formed, or pre-established, the most important decisions will be made, such as:
major technical choices (embedded OS, programming languages, standards, main sensors, etc.); technical specifications detailed for each of the robots to be developed (technical, design, equipment, estimated cost, options, selling price, target markets).
3 - Stage of general development with meetings 2 to 3 times per year (or more if required).
4 - Collective decision-making to establish a manufacturing and distribution company. The establishment of the company marks the end of the MOSAIC project.